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Boston Dynamics announces their exciting new robot - well, exciting if you're Jeff Bezos. Lets take a look at the very near future.. Enjoy!
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By Fran

13 thoughts on “Robots Will Replace Us All”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jamal Katz says:

    What a disappointing YouTube. Fran, I expected better of you.

    My former boss used to say: "There are no problems. There are just opportunities." Irritating, but true.
    And you completely overlooked this fact. Start thinking of niche markets that now exist where none existed before.

    For example: Amazon enfranchises "mom and pop shops," providing them with an inexpensive v-shop where they
    can sell their products. Thousands of gig workers are the "car-trunk entrepreneurs" who deliver Amazon packages. Paid blog workers provide content. Where were they 25 years ago? Bill Gates and Michael Dell dropped out of

    college to build their businesses and sell their products. Apple Computer started in a Steve Jobs'

    And then there's Fran Blanche, who not only invents products, but her entire career.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars solariswerks says:

    Cheaper robots, lol. Where's the beef. Buying local measures the best security, factory floor jobs is not so easy, too many bribed cornerstones with high turn overrate. The unintentional factory RF s make your skin crawl ranch dressing ain't gonna fix minimum wage. Lol aluminum, is for Russian bonds.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Mo says:

    Its foolish to think that everyone needs to learn advanced engineering to be able to earn some cash. The whole point of advanced engineering is that it eliminates more labor than it creates. That is literally the point of all labor saving devices. In other words, UBI is a question of when not if. If the bourgeoisie don't have these discussions now there is going to be terrorist meth heads stealing them, and I mean "them" as in their bodies not their worthless possessions.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Galaxy Being says:

    What will happen? The 1% upper will become the 0.1%, the 10% upper-middle will become the 1%, and the 30% middle will become the 5%. This will force some sort of UBI upon us, for f-sure.. But as long as we're still tied to any sort of currency/money, that will necessarily crash and burn as inflation eats it all up. Remember, inflation is a prosperity punishment. Inflation doesn't care how more money got out there — through give-aways or lots of Protestant work-ethic nose-to-the-grindstone — doesn't matter. On the bright side, inflation might just be some infinite loop that cancels its own self. How's that? Well, if we're not worrying about paper money anymore, then any uptick in inflation could be matched by a "cost of living adjuster" app on your phone. WTF not? Sure, at some point we'd be in so-call hyper-inflation — but so what? Eventually money would just go off and croak because commerce, supply and demand wanna happen. Then economics would be in some sort of Star Trek Economy mode with nothing but the "direct logistics" of supply and demand running things. IOW, time to learn Graph Theory!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars crashk6 says:

    Considering one of the biggest issues/labour complaints in most warehousing and logistics jobs is one of injury due to lifting loads of or over 25kg. So.. Companies get robots, eliminate that injury risk to humans that labour organization were on about… oh dear, there went your job. Incidentally in the American landscape, Walmart "ruined" the employment market first. Before that it was departments stores like Macy's etc.. "killing" small specialized shops/business. Nothing can be sustained forever. The nature of the universe, adapt/transform or succumb to death/entropy. True for companies, systems, humans, and all matter & energy. Edit: Keep up the thought provoking videos Fran, I'm not sure a robot as yet could replace your individual charm.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SuttyJay says:

    BUT….robots, because of thier efficiency, will create more of a workload for those parts of the production chain that require human beings. So you'd have to hire more humans at that choke point in the production chain in order to reap the real benefits of any automation. So there could be some positive unintended consequences.
    Also, by bringing up "climate change" I'm assuming you're talking about the long term effects of robotics. So I'm not so sure that incentivizing education and higher learning, and minimizing the intrinsic value of a HS diploma (as in a HS diploma by itself) is necessarily a bad thing in the long run. At one point, a HS diploma wouldve trumped a GED 5 to 1. I'm not so sure that's the case anymore. Some of the poorest people I've met have a HS diploma.. On the back end, the two most successful people I've ever met in my life dont even have GED's, much less a HS diploma.
    But all in all, it's going to hinge on the future costs of automation. If costs are to where it won't break the bank for a small business to automate, then I'm probably thinking it'll be better overall. I have said for years that humanity wont evolve until we can find a way to not make people chained down by the soul-diminishing, spirit-killing dreariness of repetitive, grey, menial labor. Menial labor is the most deadly thing on earth. Human beings simply were not designed for it. If we were, we wouldn't have been given a mind.
    But, I'm also a person that believes in accountavility. People need to provide for themselves, and HEALTHY labor is best for that. So all in all…i think robotics are a step towards freeing humanity. Though there may be some early bumps in the road.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars gladosadoree says:

    You're thinking too linearly (fearing a discontinuation of our standard job system); but you're forgetting jobs were never an end unto itself, but a means to an end. Aka, we work to provide for ourselves, to live a life of leasure. A robot work force will simply bring the leasure without the work, leaving us room to do all those things we always wanted to do, but couldn't, because… we had to go to work.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rich A says:

    Can’t blame Amazon, they filled a need. If they didn’t, someone else’s would have. We, the consumers are who makes them successful. Don’t order on Amazon if you believe they are damaging the future.

    This same concern came about when the industrial revolution started.

    If the planet gets warmer, btw, look at all the land in Canada we could finally live in and not freeze! :). Side note, what is the optimal earth temperature? Asking for a friend…..

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Shaun Wilson says:

    What will we do when we move from having 90% of the population working in agriculture to less than 1%? Oh, right, that already happened… Basically, as had happened previously, in the short term there will be massive disruptions but eventually the automated industry's products/services will become massively cheeper, the people who would have worked there end up in significantly better paid jobs and everyone's standard of living will continue to rise.
    And no this isn't a case of "This time is different" any more than it was in any of the previous cases.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Benjamin Rondeau says:

    Everytime that a manual process becomes required, automatization is always the next logical step, it's what humans do. The question isn't "will robots replace us all" rather than "what do we want to be doing with our lives once everything is automated"? Society will definitely need to adjust to that reality and our economics aren't built for that. However, with seemingly unlimited production being possible through total automation, it's easy to envision a world where work isn't really required. Now the interesting question is: how many to we really need to be in a world where we're doing nothing? Global depopulation, especially if we're useless, solves all our major issues and will definitely have be on the agenda one day or another otherwise a machine will come to the same conclusion and won't ask for our permission (Skynet? lol).

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MrStevetmq says:

    Is it not time to think about changing the way we live? Moving away for needing "Jobs/work" in order to get money to live and more to a society where there is not need and we all do the things we love and have talent to do because it fulfills us to do it and not for monetary wealth.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AlainHubert says:

    Menial, low-paying jobs are not worth doing by humans. Humans will be replaced by robots for these types of jobs. So the lesson to take from this is to get higher education and get better jobs in the first place. There will always be jobs that robots cannot, will never be able to do. But fortunately for Fran, and for us, there will not be a robot that could replace a human reflecting, thinking and sharing her thoughts on YT anytime soon.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Miroslav Zíma says:

    Won´t happen anytime soon. I agree, technology is pretty impresive and can give us taste what WOULD it look like, if this vision would come true. It´s questionable if the civilization will hold until breakthroughs will happen – or follow Rome and fall into dark ages again.
    Until humanity can ransack distant stars for resources, the resources are scarce. Then, in every little settlement should be a lot of technicians who could maintain robotics/communications etc. Then there is danger of hacker threat – those guys are capable of everything. NOBODY with current tech can secure this. And if you want to talk about autonomous robots with artificial inteligence (or bio-neurological tech) – it would take some time till they teach them.
    Even if the decrease to fabulous 500 mil. of population, accidents can (and will) happen and not everybody will be capable of maintaining such quantity of technology.
    I don´t even think somebody will think about Earth after the travel and colonization will be enabled – Earth will be destroyed beyond repair (which granted, would happen anyway), while corporations will destroy other planets.
    Maybe humanity should stay on Earth with no means to spread further away.

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